About Me as a Web Developer

Hi , I'm Steven as im sure you've guested!

My passion is within the web development world, to learn , create and innovate. Ive been designing and developing since i was about 13/14 years old, way back when you used to get a dial tone - connecting to AOL.

You've got mail!

My current interests lay within specifically with Javascript and PHP etc. I used frameworks for Javascript ie. AngularJS, Angular, React. All good really AngularJS has a huge infancy problem in the way you construct your code. Angular on the other has been created more closely to match that of React, which makes sense with making everything more component based.

AngularJS aka Hangular

Being a web developer i've used a number of different software apps for editing , uploading and maintaining my code. If your looking for something lightweight and works well all round go with Notepad++, there are lots of different plugins available, which can help make your life easier.

If you require something that needs more of a kick you've got Netbeans and PHPStorm great IDE applications that will help you take it to the next level.

Personally i use Adobe Dreamweaver, this does have its own drawbacks, but through the recent releases and GIT being intergrated within it makes life that little easier.

Wayback when MS Frontpage was around , you also had Macromedia (now dreamweaver) and it was the best application and using Dreamweaver was just a natural progression, some developers are set totally against using DW , i think its kinda the same thing bewteen Iphone and Android users?

I'll there for now, just a short intro..!

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